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Boys in Bedrooms: The Prison of the Mind has been written as a ‘call to action’ – a plea to free our young people from the incestuous over nurturing and technology-addiction cycles that have become evident within many homes. Supporting young people to grow and/or heal by stepping into their adulthood is of paramount importance, both for their mental health as well as the overall health and protection of our nation.
Boys in Bedrooms: The Prison of the Mind contains a plethora of bounce-back strategies to help young people and their families break their cycles of social withdrawal and computer addiction.


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Families working together …
For positive outcomes

This pack includes:

  • 3 Copies of Boys in Bedrooms: The Prison of the Mind.
  • 1 Family Meeting Book.
  • 3 highlighters and paper.
  • Courtesy Offer – free x1 hour consultation with Author – prior,
    during or post model implementation ($180 nil charge).


  • Each member of the system agrees to participate.
  • Each member of the system is provided a copy of the book to highlight their own journey, concerns and goals.
  • This model is a democratic system whereby all adults (18+) are considered equal participants within the household.

Initial recommendation:

  • Read Chapter 6 – Financial Formula (pg. 299).
  • Start ‘doing’ – Chapter 7 – Moving Forward by implementing
    practical strategies (pg. 322).
  • Set up Family Meetings – Chapter 8 (pg. 355) – Family Meeting Book provided in pack.
  • Chapters 1 & 2 – bounce back strategies (pg 53-169).

This model does not replace medical or psychological consultation and intervention. It is recommended that risk assessments are completed prior, during and after the application of this model. The author cannot be held liable for any loss or claim arising from the use or misuse of the content of this book.